Ozzie being Ozzie? He might of stepped in a beehive of trouble

Okay lets get into it: The Miami Marlins’ new manager Ozzie Guillen really put his foot in his mouth with his comments to a Time Magazine reporter http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/7787381/miami-marlins-ozzie-guillen-apologizes-fidel-castro-comment While his initial comments that after ever loss he gets “drunk” is a bit unnerving if you just hired this guy to lead your team into its new stadium and hitting the restart button with the Miami sports fans, his next comment is that he loves Fidel Castro was really inappropriate. Do you know where you have to go the work at for the next few years (hopefully)? Miami, ground zero for all thing and people who detest the existence of Fidel Castro. You love a guy that is like a bogey man who hangs over Cuban-Americans almost as much Nazi Germany and Hitler did to Jews in Europe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Cuba. This isn’t a case y’all won’t let Ozzie be his fun and quotable self and everyone is being too politically correct. This is someone in a sensitive position as far as being the face of your organization saying the possibly the worst thing possible to offend everyone that you’re trying to get to support your baseball team

Now I’ve had the pleasure of living in Miami for 1 year and while yes as Dan LeBatard points out here  http://youtu.be/b6KyvGI5kvE that some of Castro’s shadow might not be as menacing with younger Cuban-Americans, their parents and grandparents will be reminding them as we speak. We’ll see if the Miami political leaders decide to demonize Ozzie for the sake of scoring points but thats the kind of minefield that he’s walked into. This is so serious that he has decided to fly back to Miami after today’s game in Philadelphia to address the Miami media to try to put this fire out. (Marlins won 6-2 and the Phillies were booed in their home opener. Phillies can’t win the hearts and minds of their fans with a slow start. Blog post might be coming up about teams that can’t afford slow starts)

While I don’t think he’ll be fired or even suspended unless its by the Marlins, his admission that he likes to drink might be something that he, the Marlins, and Major League Baseball should look into cause its becoming obvious that he can’t control what he says. Nobody wants Ozzie to lose his edge but if it’s from a night of being drunk, then how good can it be for him in the long run.

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