Rawlings and the Negro Baseball League Museum to pick 9 Gold Glovers from the Negro Leagues

Short entry but this is pretty exciting to me. Rawlings and the Negro League Museum are going to pick the 9 best fielders in the history of the Negro Leagues. That’s over 2600 players to go from and while some of the big names like Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, Ernie Banks show be on the list, hopefully some names you don’t hear about may make the list. I’m going to make some predictions and see how close I come

Pitcher: Satchel Paige


Catcher: Roy Campenella


1st Base: Josh Gibson


2nd Base: Jackie Robinson


Shortstop: Ernie Banks


3rd Base: Judy Johnson


Left Field: Hank Aaron

Center Field: Willie Mays image

Right Field: Cool Papa Bell image

Here’s a nice link with video explaining the effort that Rawlings and the NLM is under taking to bring back some buzz and money their coffers.


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