Harry Kalas remembered 3 Years Later

Yesterday 3 years ago Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas passed out in the broadcast booth before an afternoon game in Washington DC against the Nationals. He never woke up.

I remember driving  around working for the US Census and it was about 1:30pm and I was listening to WMMR and the midday guy Pierre Robbeire had interrupted his show to announce that Harry was on his way to the hospital but efforts to revive him were unsuccessful at that point. I knew it was bad but I had hope that he’d pull through. To me as.long as I am a baseball fan I expected Harry to be there, a conductor to narrate the long season of baseball only the way he could. Even though current Phillies fans are enjoying these past years of winning, there were some long suffering years mixed in. Harry, Whitey (Richie Ashburn), PA announcer Dan Baker (try making the name Mickey Morandini sound smooth) and the Phillies Phanatic were the only constants of excellence during parts of the late 70s, late 80s, and the 90s sans 1993. Baseball’s journey will go on but it won’t be the same without Harry Kalas.

If there was one thing that I always thought would be great if I ever made it to the majors is that one day when I hit my 500th home run, Harry would call it like he did for Michael Jack Schmidt. If anyone wants to know why I’m a baseball, I let them listen to that.

Take care Harry. Say hi to my father even though he’s a Dodgers fan 😉


About negroleague

I decided to start this blog to record my various rants and observations about certain topics. Those include sports, politics, tech stuff, and music. I'm not sure about spilling my personal life out but that will change over time. I am a non-custodial parent to a great 5 yr old daughter and I'm in the middle of some exciting and transitional moments in my life. So maybe blogs about my personal life will have to do from time to time.
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