Los Angeles declares April 11th 2012 as Jackie Robinson Day

I’m a day late with this but the LA city council dedicated April 11th for Jackie Robinson in part cause this was the day 47 years ago he was signed by the Dodgers. A nice little write up on the day is here from the LA Daily News. Worth noting is that Jerry Hairston’s granddad Sam played against Jackie in the Negro Leagues.

As for the Dodgers they’re off to a hot start, 5-1, and looking to sweep the the improving but still young Pirates. With the new group of owners lead by Magic and the team being lead by Matt Kemp, (check out his custom made play station)
the Dodgers are looking like the real deal early in this season.

Oh yeah one more thing cause this post mainly focuses on Jackie and since we know he played his minor league ball in Montreal, there’s a group called the Montreal Baseball Project that wants to bring a minor league team to the city. The group is being lead by former Expos great Warren Cromartie and they have a few corporate sponsors onboard so hopefully they’ll be successful. Montreal is a nice city and I think the low stress persona is great for a minor league team to put down roots. I don’t think anyone liked how it ended for the Expos so maybe a new team will wipe that bad memory away.


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