Jackie Robinson and America’s big day

Today back in 1947 a second baseman playing Montreal Royals named Jackie Robinson was signed by Brooklyn Dodgers scout/general manager Branch Rickey. This turned out to be a quantum leap moment in the history of the United States. The pivot that this country made is almost unrivaled and while we still have a ways to go, and sometimes the earth may swallow us whole cause we can’t get past our differences, it was Branch Rickey’s faith and Jackie Robinson’s courage that proved if we all can work together and can achieve so much.

Along with Jackie’s story being introduced to a new generation, a movie is currently being shot in and around Birmingham, Alabama. “42”, which will star Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman, had a casting call the other day in downtown Birmingham Jackie Robinson movie casting calls so I’ll keep an eye on this project as it goes forward. And yes I kind of wish Spike Lee was directing it cause he really wanted to do a movie on Jackie but the timing and probably the money wasn’t there.

Every now and then I want to highlight a former Negro League player that had a interesting story as to how they got to there. Today I give you Theodore “Bubbles” Anderson, a kid that grew up in Denver and started playing in the  Negro League at age 15. I have to admit that Denver isn’t the first place you think of when you’re looking for baseball player but Bubbles turned out to be a good one.

Finally I just want to mention that new Dodgers part owner Magic Johnson couldn’t attend his team’s home opener (Dodgers beat the Pirates 2-1). But threat not cause he was in New York City attend the opening of his play Magic/Bird. It really sounds like a winner and also to a point Magic and Bird’s rivalry and then friendship was another quantum leap for race relating in this country. Two different people from different backgrounds but share one interest, basketball, come together to create one of the greatest moments for unity in this country. Hope the play does very well and it goes off Broadway so we all can get a chance to see it.


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I decided to start this blog to record my various rants and observations about certain topics. Those include sports, politics, tech stuff, and music. I'm not sure about spilling my personal life out but that will change over time. I am a non-custodial parent to a great 5 yr old daughter and I'm in the middle of some exciting and transitional moments in my life. So maybe blogs about my personal life will have to do from time to time.
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